Introducing… Tranquila Arts


Flex Academies, a leader in enrichment program management, receives extensive feedback from our students, parents, and schools. We are also very involved in our industry, and stay up to date on trends in after school enrichment, as well as the emotional and educational needs of students. We recently found an excellent opportunity in the current enrichment offerings and decided that we could create this new program using our own resources.



“Tranquila” is a Spanish word, meaning peaceful or calm. Tranquila Arts combines the calming aspect of creating beautiful pieces of art, with a focus on relaxation methods. Classes may include: listening to classical music, practicing breathing techniques, yoga, or other ideas.

We will teach children strategies to combat stress and will be exploring their creativity through different types of high-quality art projects.

It’s going to be fun, relaxing, and a perfect way to end a long school day.