Feel the Music

Join us on a musical journey around the globe each week as we examine and listen to a variety of musical instruments from different cultures. We will then use our musical and creative inspiration to build our own versions of a variety of international instruments, such as rain sticks, thumb pianos, and pan flutes!

Matisse Meets Music...and Much More!

By focusing on a new artist each week, students will create art projects inspired by their technique. Our little artists will study 8 artists! Matisse one week, then some Picasso, and even some Jackson Pollack. And, for the relaxation part, our awesome art teachers will play music that corresponds to the mood of painting style to set the mood and encourage the students to focus.

Peaceful Picassos

Tranquila Arts infuses art with yoga and meditation practices for the ultimate experience. Art isn’t just about being creative -- it is a great outlet for kids! In this class, children will use their creative juices to learn more about a relaxation technique. Zentangles, zen gardens, mandalas, watercolors and more will allow children to connect with their inner zen.

Sensational Art

In this class, students will be inspired by the wonders of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Throughout this unit, we will explore our senses through a variety of experiments and activities. Students will then use what they’ve learned to produce some bright, loud, smelly, tasteful, textural art!

The Sound of Art

In this class, students will move and groove to a variety of music genres, such as rock, pop, and jazz. We will focus on a different category of music each week, feeling the rhythm while creating art projects inspired by the sound and mood of each genre. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to create!

Zen Media Mania

Does your child like to do a little bit of everything? This class offers a chance to experiment with a variety of different art mediums, while still practicing mindfulness and being calm. Kids will get to work with watercolor, clay, pencil, markers, tempera paint, and other exciting materials. This class is about having fun and learning about new art techniques. Each class will focus on a different material, or painting on a new surface, or even making something 3-dimensional. Come and bring your creativity and get ready to experiment!

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Around the World of Art

Join us on a global adventure to examine art from around the world! In this class, we will focus on a different culture each week, learning about unique art techniques and styles from places such as Africa, China, and New Zealand. We will then create art projects inspired by our worldly “travels!”

Art Au Naturel

Does your child love the great outdoors? This class offers students an opportunity to explore nature and experiment with natural objects and materials to create unique and fun art projects. Throughout the unit, we will work with a variety of materials such as wood, clay, leaves, flowers, and even edible paint!

Earth, Air, Fire, Water...and Art!

In this class, students will experiment with a variety of mediums and materials to develop art projects inspired by the four natural elements. Throughout the unit, we will investigate some scientific applications of each element to spark creativity, and listen to themed mood music to get our creative juices flowing!

Movie Meditations

In this class, students will learn the basics of yoga and participate in a variety of relaxing activities inspired by movies such as Trolls, Frozen, and Moana. At the end of the unit, each student will share their very own movie-inspired yoga routine!