Safe enrichment programming encouraging relaxation through the arts

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Welcome to Tranquila Arts. You've come across a unique enrichment program that explores relaxation techniques for children through a variety of art-based projects and activities.

Kids today are feeling anxiety and stress at very young ages. They don’t know how to deal with these uncomfortable feelings. Art has always been recognized as a relaxing activity. Painting, drawing, and ceramics naturally calm children and adults alike.


Flex Academies, a leader in enrichment program management, receives extensive feedback from our students, parents, and schools. We are also very involved in our industry, and stay up to date on trends in after school enrichment, as well as the emotional and educational needs of students. We recently found an excellent opportunity in the current enrichment offerings and decided that we could create this new program using our own resources.

Presenting…Tranquila Arts, a brand new category in children’s art classes combining stress relief and creative art projects.